When/where for a downtown CityTarget?

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There’s no doubt on the impact bringing a CityTarget near downtown could have, but there a good bit of debate on whether downtown currently has enough density to support one and where the structure could go.

A bit of discussion ensued on a recent tweet:

Seems many think the most logical locations lie near the streetcar route, either at 7th & Main or further south into the Crossroads. Any other options?

River Market would greatly help something at 7th & Main, a Crossroads location could be much more accessible to Midtown.

Biggest question remains, is downtown dense enough to support this now/near future?

I heard an idea the other day about KU Med teaming with Target to build a CityTarget on their campus. Could be a good market with residential density in the Volker/Roanoke/Rosedale area + hospital staff and patients. If done right it could also enable KCK to share in some of the sales tax revenue in the area by enticing people to walk across the state line from the 39th street W. to KCK.

It would be a rather interesting spot. Also, I’ve heard near the UMKC campus.

From my understanding, CityTargets have all been quiet close to their city centers. Though, those are two areas that could probably support smaller-scale Target operations.

Unfortunately, both locations wouldn’t do much to serve the downtown area. So long as we’re trying to ween the area of ‘car-required’ it should be probably lie somewhere between River Market and Crossroads.

Walked by the corner of 7th & Walnut recently, the SW grass parcel struck me as a possible location for a CityTarget (quite close to the often suggested 7th & Main).

Looks like current ownership is Commerce Bank, likely would come with a hefty price. Could build up a garage on a nearby surface lot.

Downtown Minneapolis has a Target on Nicollet Mall and is connected to the Skyway System. I know people who live and work in Downtown Minneapolis, connected to the skyway, who don’t need to go outside for 3-4 months.

Retail space planned for Two Light looks to be the size of City Target. In other news Target is rebranding City Target to just be Target

New design of the Copaken Brooks tower, at the NE corner of 13th & Grand, could suit as well.

Call me a dreamer, but I liked that twisting glass structure better. Iconic buildings on the skyline seem like a good thing all around.

There’s plenty of time to add unique buildings to the skyline. Right now, we should hope for functionality > visual appeal, in the projects throughout the core.

That is a very fair point.

The urban Target pipe dream continues.