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Possible mixed-use project coming to the Westside.


Significant NIMBYism coming out. Seems to center around parking, traffic and scale of project.


The concerns about parking are just part of the conversation. A major complaint among westside residents is that the illustrations presented clash with the aesthetic of the neighborhood too starkly. I think the fear is that because it looks like something out of Johnson county it will amount to an infiltration of suburban ideals into an urban community.

Hmm, it probably sits in a middle ground of JoCo and Westside, to me. Any examples of projects in the area that would be of desired design style?

Seemed to be plenty of parking available, when in the area Sunday morning. It might be around the corner but plenty. Concerns me that Westside has already caught the JoCo ideal of you must be able to park 30 ft from the front door.

Unfortunately being a baby about parking isn’t just a Johnson county thing. It’s the norm all across the Kansas City metro and indeed the Midwest as a whole. So I don’t see a demand for easy parking as any evidence that the westside has become suburbanized. In fact it seems that all those Johnson county plates cruising around the neighborhood really slowly on the weekends after brunch are fascinated by the place because it isn’t a suburban environment. As for existing projects that would be a better fit, I can’t think of one. I also can’t remember anyone ever saying to me that they really liked the way that new condos or newly built multifamily structures look. That aesthetic seems to me to be one that generally accommodates parking needs and profitability over a visually appealing and neighborhood friendly dwelling. Basically, no one goes to the west side to check out the condos at 16th and Jefferson. They come around because it’s a very old neighborhood. One with a lot of character that survived the construction of two major highways as well as the decades when all the folks now eating crapes and walking around taking pictures of houses were terrified of the entire downtown area. But something is going to be built to replace an old warehouse so I hope it works out in a way that doesn’t make 17th and Madison feel like 51st and Main or 106th and Mission. At least the project is mixed use.

Maybe I’m way off here, but part of what makes the Westside, as it stands today, a cool place is the mix of new, old, remodeled, original, etc. I do not see how this does anything except further that mix while at the same time taking a building that is the definition of unattractive out of the neighborhood.

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I think there’s a very clear reason why it is anything but a furthering of the eclectic mix that has emerged organically on the westside. $900 for 420 square feet in a mid sized Midwestern city that is known for being dirt cheap to live in. Who are the sixty luxury apartments and four townhouses intended for? The westside is unique in Kansas City. It has has gained the attention of people from all over the metropolitan area, and that’s a good thing. But this proposed project is anything but unique. It’s aesthetic and the lifestyle that it seems to promote are exactly what the people that have gathered on the westside have rejected and/or been excluded from. On top of all this the developers are intending to be granted a ten year tax abatement so that their investment is protected from having to contribute to the community they say they want so much to be a part of. If they are granted that tax abatement they will be allowed to pay the same low tax rate for at least a decade while the working class residents around their development are taxed more and more. The increase in surrounding property values would be partially a result of this development. But the owners of this proposed development would be allowed to keep their taxes low. Surely a better trajectory can be realized.

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Pretty sad to see a project, within a mile of the core of our city, be gutted like this. Reduced to 40 units and significantly less mixed-use happening. Could still use support, for any who might want to reach out to their council members.

West Side runaround: Mixed-use project may bounce back to committee

“We’ve been working with the neighborhood the past six months and have made many, many concessions,” Bradley said.

But the project still has opponents, and they wanted it sent back to committee because the last PZED meeting started several hours late, preventing many from weighing in.

Some oppose the standard PIEA abatement — 100 percent for 10 years, then 50 percent for 15 years — proposed for the project because they don’t think luxury apartment developments merit incentives.

Others have expressed concerns related to traffic, the growing number of apartments in the area and gentrification of the West Side.

When it selected the West Side, he said he had no idea the project would face as much opposition as it has.

Game over.

EPC withdraws embattled West Side mixed-use project

It came back. Townhouses already up to the south.

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Almost wrapped up.

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