Union Station expansion

“The $7.5 million expansion will modernize the streetscape that welcomes visitors in the front of the Station and provide a bridge to transport drivers and pedestrians to the existing parking garage on the north end of the property. A new educational “space portal” will connect Science City and the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium. Additionally and one of the most anticipated features will be an extension of Science City to the west that will feature an outdoor events plaza for interactive exhibits and community-based events.”

exciting and great for the city. still it pushes my hopes that the station will one day be the center of regional transit further away

$7.5M Union Station expansion begins journey - KC Biz Journal

“Early next week, visitors to Union Station will see the first signs of what is to be a tremendous guest experience improvement project here at Union Station,” CEO George Guastello said in a release.

The initiative, which has been in the works since early 2014, aims to modernize the streetscape around the station, add a bridge to connect cars and pedestrians to a parking garage on the property and expand the Science City attraction inside Union Station.