Union | Riverfront | Residential (410 units)

Location: River Front Rd, Kansas City, MO 64106
Investment: $65 million
Planned Groundbreaking: TBD
Planned Completion: TBD

Developer: Flaherty & Collins Properties (Project page)
Architect: Cuningham Group Architecture Inc.
Construct: MW Builders Inc.

Type: Residential + Retail
Units: 410 apartments
Pricing: Market

Construction: New
Height: 4 floors
Space: Unknown

Parking: 400 spaces
Transit: TBD

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Riverfront apartment construction will begin in summer

"A $65 million mixed-use development is expected to open on the Missouri riverfront in 2016.

Construction will begin on the Union | Berkley Riverfront Park by the summer. Jason Evelyn, president of MW Builders Inc., said the general contractor will build 480,000 square feet of new buildings at the site just south of Kansas City’s Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park. Evelyn said the project will include 350,000 square feet housing 410 high-end apartments and a more than 425-space parking garage with about 12,500 square feet of attached retail space. MW Builders, based in Temple, Texas, is part of MMC Corp., an Overland Park-based construction company.

The project is being developed by Indianapolis-based Flaherty & Collins Properties. Ryan Cronk, vice president of development at Flaherty & Collins, said Minneapolis-based Cuningham Group Architecture Inc. is providing design services. Minneapolis-based Landform Professional Services is providing engineering services. Building plans still are being developed, he said, but work is progressing quickly."

Port Authority CEO: Riverfront development is really going to happen

"Michael Collins understands why some people might be skeptical about his agency’s ability to develop Kansas City’s riverfront.

“We’ve had many plans, and we’ve been trying (to develop the riverfront) really since the 1970s, and it hasn’t worked out,” said Collins, CEO of the Port Authority of Kansas City. “I completely understand the naysayers and the critics because they haven’t seen anything (at the riverfront).”

“You can count on one thing,” Collins said. ‘You will see development moving because we have skin in the game on this project. We are spending cash on this project so it better work.’"

Apartment project, new tack get things rolling on the river

"Collins said he’s confident the Union project will be the first of many developments built up on the riverfront because the Port Authority no longer is looking for one massive project to develop the land all at once. Instead, it’s looking to lease parcels to private parties — it leased the five acres for the Union to Indianapolis-based Flaherty & Collins Properties — that will develop the land piece-by-piece.

Collins predicts this strategy will allow the market, rather than his agency, to dictate what happens on the riverfront. If the economy stays strong — and the Union is a success — he said the area could be fully developed within eight to 10 years. The Union is due to be completed in mid-2016.

While there’s cause for optimism, Collins said there’s nothing else to announce about development on the riverfront just yet. He said the authority is working with four or five potential developers, but he wasn’t ready to say who or what those developers were proposing."

New Kansas City Riverfront Development Hopes to Follow Northland Trends

“Though Collins says it’s too early to talk specifics, the first stage of development will be multi-family housing and mixed-use retail. Groundbreaking is slated for this fall.


Mention, at the end, that this is finally slated to get off the ground soon. http://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2015/11/19/livestock-district-apartments-project.html

Could be the start of something here in CPC agenda, pretty significant vacation request.

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Let’s hope so. I’ll believe in the riverfront revitalization when construction finally starts. This area and East Village are both waiting for that catalyst to get the ball rolling.

Looks like things are finally moving here?

Fingers crossed!

New permits for this one as of last week: http://kivaweb.kcmo.org/kivanet/2/land/summary/index.cfm?fa=1&pin=260631

What is the status of this project?

Doesn’t seem to be any recent movement down there.

Heard they’re doing the West Bottoms new construction project, and that they were being told to prioritize it.

back on track,
starts next month

Ground is brokennnnnnnn!

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