Uber/Lyft debate

A widely-debated topic that has yet to reach a resolution here in Kansas City. Let’s lay out the current proposal for “ride-sharing”/“car for hire” services in front of the City Council.

Passed as of 4/9/15:

  • Drivers pay $100/yr
  • The company (Uber) pays $40,000/yr to cover expenses that would usually be passed on to drivers
  • The company (Uber) shares their background checks with the city

Uber continues to insist these regulations could force them to withdraw from the KC market. Lyft, a similar service, has declined to comment on the current proposal.

Taxi and driver licensing is a huge concern for city governments who regulate taxis but currently have no leverage on Uber or Lyft. Governments do not plan on deregulating taxis, but cannot seem to find a way to regulate these new ride programs, so they simply ban them all together because their hands are tied.

The Mayor gave a rather stirring speech before the Thursday vote to pass the the proposed regulations on TNCs (Transportation Network Companies) in KCMO. The vote passed unanimously, and the speech is a must-watch.

The city will be dismissing it’s case against Lyft. Will we be seeing a Lyft comeback?


New regulations passed this afternoon will keep Uber in Kansas City for the foreseeable future.






Looks like Lyft won’t be making their way back into the KC market. Possibly waiting out new state regulations that could be coming?