RM West II | River Market | Residential (116 Units)

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Location: 293 W 5th St, Kansas City, MO 64105
Investment: $23.6 million
Groundbreaking (planned): Dec. 2017
Completion (planned): Dec. 2019

Developer: NorthPoint Development
Architect: Unknown
Construct: Unknown

Type: Residential
Units: 116 Apartments
Pricing: Market

Construction: New
Height: Unknown
Space: Unknown

Parking: 150 spaces (81 garage; 69 surface)
Transit: Near streetcar stop, walking distance to MAX stop

From Kevin Collison: https://cityscenekc.com/river-market-west-ii-wins-tax-incentive-approval-23-6-million-apartment-project/


Neighborhood had complaints about the blank walls on ground floor, due to it being parking, and the main entrance being in the encompassed surface parking lot. They don’t seem to realized it adds significant more distance for their residents to walk to the streetcar stop or City Market. Ugh, pitiful urban design.

Getting started.

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Photo credit Kcrag FangKC

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First few floors are up now