Riverfront development

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What will happen to the more east part of the riverfront?


A bit more on the current development down there.

“Collins said he’s confident the Union project will be the first of many developments built up on the riverfront because the Port Authority no longer is looking for one massive project to develop the land all at once. Instead, it’s looking to lease parcels to private parties — it leased the five acres for the Union to Indianapolis-based Flaherty & Collins Properties — that will develop the land piece-by-piece.”


i wonder if this will ever actually happen

What do you mean? Construction has already started on Union. Drove by there today and there are a bunch of machines there excavating the site. Completion is already said to be in 18-22 months. Kcrag has more info on it I do believe. @KyleKsmkc

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i was very concerned that i had missed something but i went down and checked it out. the city has some preliminary work to do to prepare the cite for F&C and those machines have been there for some time. work is very slow going which makes me wonder if they are still moving forward with the plan. they haven’t removed the renderings from the website however so we’ll see.

Oh ok. Sorry, I thought they were working on it.