River Market chat

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Developments and happenings in the River Market area.

New sign in front of this stating ‘Muehlebach District’ but no signs of movement. Would be exciting to see!


Probably would make sense to have a dedicated Columbus Park chat, but since there isn’t one yet, have you seen that the work has begun on that big development just to the East of Hwy 9?

Good call. Set one up here: Columbus Park chat

That development is really moving along.

The Pitch Brown & Loe, a new restaurant from Harry Murphy, planned for City Market

‘Muehlebach District’ looks to have started work at 5th & Oak.

Article on City Market’s recent success: Kansas City’s 158-year-old City Market has aged well

Page said goals for the market include attracting a butcher shop, a seafood vendor and a larger liquor store and bulking up the market’s concert schedule, which has proved to be profitable.

Brown & Loe is shaping up, can see the bar along left (north) side.

Pretty significant grab here. Epoch has come into KC fast.

Epoch Developments buys River Market property from heirs of Tom Trabon

New life should be good here. Plus, rumors of the opposite side of Wyandotte (currently surface parking) getting ready for 2-3 story units, of similar scale to the one currently there.


This is certainly interesting: http://baarchitecture.com/Client_Presentations/River_Market_Complex/index.html

I live right there on Delaware. Hotel might be pushing height for area, but good with everything else. These guys definitely have some vision, wow.


Bookstore coming to Delaware. :open_book:

Good to see.

More :new: on Delaware St.


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Big fan of this location.

Other news:

Reconnecting Walnut Street Through City Market

The pedestrian friendly design is a nice touch, but I’m curious as to what others think.

All for it, but I wouldn’t consider the above design very pedestrian-friendly – no need for such a wide street or median. Believe this will get better, knowing people who’ve had an interest in it for years. Will take the trees!

Not perfect, sure. But the horizontal (and maybe even vertical) displacements and greenery are a vast improvement over many other KC streets.

I’m looking forward to how future renderings flesh out the specifics.

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