Port KC

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Port of Kansas City reopens after 7 years, bringing potential for major improvement to local economy

"It’s been seven years in the making. On Wednesday, barges could be seen coming into the Port of Kansas City.

The Woodswether Terminal has officially reopened, which means major improvements for the economy, says President and CEO of Port KC, Michael Collins."

i would almost rather it didn’t reopen and apartments went up along that portion of the riverfront

That area is very industrial. This can have a pretty significant economic impact, interested to see how it plays out.

the article is pretty old and i still have yet to see a boat in the missouri in my entire life

The article is from a week and a half ago. I remember seeing few barges.

More out today from the Biz Journal, seem to be a long term investment happening down there.

Port of KC barges into big plans for the future

After getting its feet wet, Kaw Valley Cos. Inc. has signed a long-term lease as the operator of the Port of Kansas City.

Jason Jacobson, vice president of operations at the Kansas City, Kan., company, said that Kaw Valley signed an agreement with Port KC to remain the Missouri River port’s operator until 2022. In September 2014, the company and the Port Authority of Kansas City, Mo. — now called Port KC — reopened the Missouri River barge landing terminal at 1724 Market St. in Kansas City’s West Bottoms.

Jacobson and Dan Hays, Kaw Valley’s director of sales, said they have successfully landed, emptied and loaded two barges and they are confident the future demand for moving freight along the river will keep the port humming for years to come. In the year since Kaw Valley signed its original, short-term lease, the company and the authority have done a lot to get the port ready for barge traffic, but there is still much left to be done to make the riverfront property the intermodal freight hub the two parties envision.

Any word on if the port will be able to operate in the winter?

Not being operational all year was one of the leading factors for decline in barge traffic and the port being shut down in 2007.

The river has to be at a certain depth for barges to be able to traverse it. The river was barely deep enough to support barges this summer let alone in the winter.