North Kansas City Annexation

I know this isn’t a normal topic for this site, but what does anyone think the likelihood is of KCMO absorbing the city of North Kansas City? Not only would it allow for easier expansion of public transit and overlap of general services, but it would make a more connected city overall, as well as bringing more funding into the city government.

To be honest, I think consolidation of both the Kansas side and Missouri side is likely needed. St. Louis City and County are trying to do the same thing right now. I think if we could end up with just one “KCMO” and just one “KCK” actual cities and/or counties/boroughs that would be quite preferable, and likely actually lower taxes required just to provide basic services, also you would only have to pay for one mayor, etc. and not so much duplication. Here is one of the STL sites trying to do this:

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