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Developments and happenings in Midtown (~31st St, south to Westport).

Council paves way for 500 new residents along Broadway

"By a 13-0 vote, the council expanded a Planned Industrial Expansion Authority area to make a proposed mixed-use development west of Broadway between 34th Street and 34th Terrace eligible for a property tax abatement.

Plans for the project call for the seven-story MGE Building at 3420 Broadway to be converted into 103 high-end apartments.

This site plan depicts Los Angeles investor Joseph Kashani’s plan to redevelop a block on Broadway between 34th Street and 34th Terrace. In addition to the 101-unit residential conversion of the seven-story MGE Building, the plan calls for construction of two 54-unit apartment buildings, a two-story commercial building and 20 townhomes.

The developer of the project, Los Angeles real estate investor Joseph Kashani, also plans construction of a 16,000-square-foot retail/office building immediately south of the MGE Building, two 54-unit apartment buildings along Washington Street and 20 townhomes along Pennsylvania Avenue."

Updated renderings of the MGE Building lofts and plan for the surrounding area.

B&A Architecture: Midtown Plaza

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‘White elephant’ building on Linwood will become midtown apartments

Is there a groundbreaking date on the Mac, 34th and Main apartment project? Saw a fence up, so figured work is starting soon or already started?

Looks like April.

Couple of renovations happening for art organizations along Main St. Anticipating streetcar expansion?

Two arts organizations raising curtains on new Midtown locations

Hmm – this Snooze says it’s going into a “new building” at 4140 Broadway, which is the empty lot next to Westport Ale House.


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