Loews Downtown Convention | Crossroads | Hotel (800 rooms)

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Location: 1599 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO
Developer: Burke Swerdling & Associates LLC
Architect: HNTB Architecture
Construct: JE Dunn Construction
Planned Completion: 2018

Type: Hotel
Flag: Hyatt
Units: 800 rooms

Construction: New
Height: 30 stories
Space: TBD (75,000 sq ft meeting & banquet; 15,450 sq ft retail & restaurant; 9,913 sq ft recreational)

Parking: 450-500 spaces, structured parking
Transit: Near under-construction streetcar line, across street from MAX bus stop


Huge announcement tonight.


Photo above looks like there could be some capping of I-670 included, as has been discussed.

That is great! Looks awesome with the skyline, Im looking forward to seeing more about it!!

Wow! Exciting news. Cindy Circo not too long ago said she believed this deal could get done as long as the risk to the city was minimized. Good to see a deal has been struck!

i tend to get ahead of myself among the excitement, but that whole area just got a bump in investment potential as far as I’m concerned.maybe we may see some old projects return to the area in years to come.

how it would look from LM notice it does not block the view of Kauffman


Hotel makes it through Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee.


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I’m assuming there won’t be much opposition through the planning process with the city?

Appears most things have been worked out behind closed doors, yes.

Was a bit of an odd correlation brought up with the possible minimum wage vote effecting the projects financial projections.

I would hope construction workers on that project are more specialized than the minimum wage…

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Probably more of hotel staff, once it’s running. Wage increase would take number of years until fully in effect.

Will the hotel interfere with the proposed broadway redevelopment?

I hope the hotel does interfere with the Broadway redevelopment. That entire development interacts horribly with the westside/crossroads neighborhoods.

I know there has been a little bit of push back on this redevelopment, I hope the push back continues.

Supposed to be half the size of One Kansas City Place. 310’

"Developers of the proposed downtown Hyatt convention headquarters hotel, now estimated to cost $310.8 million, took a big step forward Tuesday, with a recommendation of approval of a tax increment financing plan.

The Tax Increment Financing Commission of Kansas City board voted 8-2 for the TIF levels KC Hotel Developers LLC requested for the 800-room hotel, which remains on track for a late 2018 opening."


The catering contract is definitely becoming an issue for this proposal.

Convention hotel catering plan: ‘We don’t think it’s right’

“Local catering groups want the city to take a closer look at, and possibly replace, a component of the proposed financing plan for the more than $300 million convention hotel in Downtown.”

i really want to see some work boots on the ground before they decide this is the wrong move and the whole thing is canceled

those are just the streetscape improvements called for in the plan. No highway cap.

Plenty of coverage as plan goes in front of KCMO City Council on Thursday.

Reject this detail of Kansas City’s new downtown hotel

Dave Helling: New downtown Kansas City hotel won’t fail — but won’t succeed either

Downtown Convention Hotel unanimously passes council, 13-0.

Construction to start early next year and finish in 2018.

Update: News Coverage

KC Biz Journal: KC convention hotel financing wins resounding final approval

"During what was the final legislative session for nine of its members, the Kansas City Council on Thursday approved a multifaceted financing package for the proposed $311 million downtown Hyatt convention center hotel.

The 13-0 vote, which followed the recommendation Wednesday by a council committee, is expected to allow construction of the long-awaited, 800-room facility to begin early next year. Completion is expected by 2018.

In March, when KC Hotel Developers LLC and the city first announced the project, City Manager Troy Schulte expressed a desire for all council hurdles to be cleared before Aug. 1, when newly elected council members will take office and six current members who have reached the end of their term limits will exit."

KC Star: It’s full speed ahead for new convention hotel after KC Council’s vote

After more than two decades of studies and unfulfilled plans for a new downtown convention headquarters hotel, Kansas City is finally on the verge of making the project a reality.

The Kansas City Council on Thursday unanimously approved a financing deal to build an 800-room Hyatt Hotel just east of the Bartle Hall Grand Ballroom. It was one of the final acts of the current council, with nine of the 13 members prepared to leave office before a new term begins Aug. 1.

“There is never going to be in my opinion another opportunity,” Mayor Sly James said, to get such a good partnership between the city and private developers for a new hotel. “Ain’t going to get any better than this.”

What do you guys think of the buildings design?