Keystone Innovation District

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Kevin McGinnis and the Keystone Community Corp. are leading the charge for an innovation district along the 18th St. corridor.

The district, coined the “Keystone District,” hopes to offer a prime environment for collisions through entrepreneurial incubators and accelerators, university and corporate offices, mixed-use development, and entertainment offerings.

The location is currently undisclosed, but it will be sandwiched somewhere between the Crossroads and 18th & Vine.

Jermaine Reed is already working to back the project.

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Reed and Lucas file resolution for $900k in funding.

(h/t @bobspecht)

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Despite the budget cut from city hall, the Keystone Innovation District appears to be progressing undeterred. New information.

  • The first phase of construction by BNIM is valued at $120 million. Further design work is underway.
  • The board of directors has formed.
  • A new website has launched
  • The district was hinted as a potential buyer for the old Goodwill office and warehouse that recently went on the market.

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