KCI Master Plan/New Terminal

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Plenty to be decided in the near future.

Background on the current state of things from the airport’s perspective: http://www.flykci.com/Newsroom/NewTerminal/Index.htm

We must remember that the basis for KCI improvements is the Passenger Facility Charge.
The discussion of what we want out of a new terminal is a local one, but the economic realities are a national one. Adjusting the PFC will not impact the cost of tickets at KCI. that is based on demand/fuel and other factors.

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It would have been nice to have a light rail system from downtown to kci

Things getting started again July 21st.

"Two weeks from now, another meeting will be held on the future of Kansas City International Airport. Michael Grimaldi, a spokesman for Mayor Sly James’ office, said a “special meeting” will be held. Grimaldi said he thinks the meeting will be what people have been waiting for.

In that meeting, he said, there will be some discussion of what the airlines that fly out of KCI have been studying in accordance with their lease agreement at the airport. Representatives from Southwest Airlines Co. probably will headline the meeting. The Dallas-based low-cost carrier controls the largest portion of the airport’s market share."

KCI discussion will take off again in two weeks

Have a fear this will somehow get pushed to a public vote given how easy ballot measures are to get due to the awful voter turn-out. Ultimately change will happen, but they will delay it for much longer than need be.

It’s time for KC to realize it’s not the late '60s anymore. Drive to your gate is one of the most worthless features of an airport in the 21st century. I always reference Portland, OR’s airport when I think of a single terminal airport. They aren’t much larger than KC (currently, but their growth is far out-pacing us) and their airport is extremely easy to use.

Definitely will be important to get the public education piece right.

Why improvements are needed and where the money would come from is not well understood, but they make a lot of sense when explained.

Today, Airline-Airport Affairs Committee recommended moving head with two new single terminal options and will stop considering a major renovation.

City Council presentation: http://flykci.com/media/1359/to-print-7-21-15-business-session-kci-final-presentation.pdf

Another KCI renovation option surfaces - KC Star

Crawford Architects has teamed with internationally known aviation design and construction firms to offer a rival, more economical concept for modernizing Kansas City International Airport. Crawford shared its plan with The Kansas City Star.

Is the decision to build or renovate in May?

Three of the four proposers released their plans, showcasing a variety of designs and approaches.


KCI Partnership

Led by AECOM and Turner Construction.

Key features:

  • 35-gate terminal for $1 billion to be completed by 2021.
  • Unique elevated walkway to improve efficiency.
  • Says it can build the new terminal that meets KC’s specs while saving roughly $500 million when compared to Burns & McDonnell’s financing approach (Burns & McDonnell disputes this claim).

The proposal offers three other options varying $1.3 billion to $872 million.


Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

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Hometown Team

Led by Burns & McDonnell with a consortium of local firms.

Key features:

  • Private financing structure that yields substantial cost savings, allows for construction to begin earlier, and shields airport and City from financial risk.
  • Design will reduce existing walking distance from curbside to security (impressive).
  • Redesigned security system that will handle a greater volume of passengers per hour.
  • Significant project-related commitments to the community–including, hiring graduates of the Manual Career and Technical Center and scholarships to Metropolitan Community College.

The proposal’s project costs range from $1.05 billion to $750 million.


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Jones Lang LaSalle

31 AM

Led by Jones Lang LaSalle.

Key features:

  • A unique linear terminal design located north of the existing Terminal A.
  • The linear design allows for parking garages to located across the street from the terminal buildings.
  • The new location will allow for a walkway bridge connection to the existing Marriott Hotel.
  • The design allows for easy expansion–or contraction–if necessary.


Lower Level Plan:

Upper Level Plan:

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*The selection committee’s recommended proposal.


Led by Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate and Meridiam Infrastructure in conjunction with Clark Construction, Weitz Company, Clarkson Construction, and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (“SOM”).

Key features:

  • Work to begin June 1, 2018 with an anticipated completion date of Nov. 1, 2021.
  • $974.6 million price tag resulting in lease payments of $62.5 million per year.
  • The proposal touts the team members’ experience with airport projects across the country–including work at LGA and LAX.
  • Clark and SOM have extensive experience in LEED-certified projects, and Edgemoor acknowledges the importance of such features for KCI. Edgemoor also plans to include design features that accommodate anticipated future changes in transit (preferred parking for HOV, design for autonomous buses, and more).
  • No renderings or drawings released, but the Qualifications Proposal mentions that Edgemoor will work closely with the public and other stakeholders when drafting the final design.

Proposal information (released after committee announcement on Sept. 6):
Qualifications Proposal
Financial Proposal

A side-by-side comparison of AECOM, Edgemoor, and KCI Partnership proposals used in the selection process.


Edgemoor renderings:

More information at the official website.

Not bad, looks very similar to Burns & Mac & AECOM. I would love to see the elevated connection to the outer gates so planes can taxi underneath. Can’t tell if this has that or not. It’s a cool but very practical feature IMO. Just glad things are moving and that the support for the project has grown. KC voters please get this done. I live in Gladstone & really wish I could vote on this :slight_smile:

I agree, it does look similar to Burns & Mac’s and AECOM’s proposed designs–hard to tell if Edgemoor was “inspired” by the other proposals or, more fairly, if the constraints of the RFP process limited the universe of potential designs (JLL might debate this).

I also agree regarding the elevated connection bridge. I’m not certain, but it might be safe to assume that such a design feature pushes the limits of feasibility given that AECOM hedged its proposal by submitting two sets of overall designs (one with and one without the elevated bridge). Based on AECOM’s renderings, however, it does create a rather grand design that would’ve made the new KCI even better.

Remember to go vote today!!

Information: https://www.kceb.org/

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