Imagine Kansas City Downtown/Crossroads in 10yrs

I can truly say that at the rate of development, private and public we are heading into what could be the biggest boom in DTKC last seen since the 1980’s building boom. The dominos are falling and its only a matter of time before they start to develope the east of downtown, local companies move down there(Kansas continuing to poach), and start office development in the CBD. Im very proud of Kansas City and the people of Kansas City wanting our city to achieve greatness, heres for the next 10yrs!

Hopefully it becomes a very dense area.

pendulums vision and a little google earth work

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Is this real

i made the 3d version but its based off of pendulums design for east village from around 09’ the firs building is already in place but it was finished years ago and according to pendulum CEO, whom i contacted through twitter, they haven’t found funding to continue. funding for the first building came through a number of sources

The moment where Downtown and Crossroads momentum reaches across Highway 71 will be monumental for Kansas City.