Hyatt House | Downtown | Hotel (153 rooms)

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Location: 900 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64105
Developer: Pedersen Development
Architect: TBD
Construct: TBD
Investment: $37 million
Groundbreaking (planned): Q1 2019
Completion (planned): Q2 2020

Type: Hotel
Size: 153 rooms
Additional Uses: TBD

Construction: New
Height: 13 stories
Space: TBD

Parking: 0 spaces
Transit: KC Streetcar (4 blocks)

I hope that this project does happen. It will be a nice addition to that area.

The city also needs to update their systems. Why are people paying taxes on properties for past values. for example someone is paying taxes on 280K when the property sold for 1.2M this year and 500K a few before. #sittingonagoldmine

Yep. Assessment is actually done by Jackson County, but downtown properties are criminally undervalued.

You’d think school district (and others) would make more noise about it, given how much they make about incentives.