Gumbel Building | Downtown | Hotel (70 rooms)

Location: 801 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64106
Developer: Mark Patel
Architect: Unknown
Planned Completion: 2016

Type: Hotel
Flag: Hampton Inn (Boutique)
Units: 74 rooms

Construction: Renovation
Height: 6 floors
Space: 50,000 sqft
Parking: Unknown

Tax Abatement: 10yr/90%
Tax Credits: State Historic, Federal Historic

Things are progressing, fells a bit slow though.

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This structure has been going up along the back (east) side of the building.

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Definitely not open yet, but they’ve got their Google Maps location setup.

Went by yesterday and signage was going up. You can see mattresses stacked in one window


Saw that lit up last night. #progress.

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Now open for business, I believe.