East Village concepts

Originally from @peterkc1 in another thread:

Ideas for the east village

I think the east side would be great to expand the skyline with high rise apartments

maybe we ought to build the streetcar that direction so people can’t bitch about parking anymore

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I agree

I see this more as a low to medium rise area. Like Quality Hill. I think this is the direction the planners are going too. Better to creat a walkable neighborhood than a single tower.

If there’s a spot that’s nearly a blank slate in the loop still, East Village is it. Downtown core zoning, no height restrictions. Whatever gets put together should exemplify the type of urban environment we want our future to hold.

Agreed. I was pleased with the announcement last year that VanTrust is now involved. However, I am concerned based on rumors around town that they are planning to build low-rise office buildings a la Overland Park. I do not think a concept like that is sufficient to enhance the liveliness of the area. East Village remains KC’s chance to create something like the Pearl District–a nearly ground up re-imagining of a great urban neighborhood.


That second rendering in the first post is from Union Hill (unless that area is intended as an example of what EV could be).

I hope I’m not the only one that thinks “East Village” is a boring, derivative name. If this ever takes off into something worth being proud of I hope that it receives an appropriate name. My personal pick is “Davis Park” after the lovely, but underutilized park on the area’s west edge.

East Village talks might be starting back up. From Troy Schulte at KC Downtowners lunch: