Downtown Streetcar progress

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Let’s track the progress of the streetcar as it finds itself under a year until operation.

Groundbreaking: May 22, 2014
Planned Completion: May 6, 2016

Length: 2.2 miles
Neighborhoods: River Market, Downtown, Crossroads

As of 3/1/16:

Overall: 84%

  • Track completion: 100%
  • OCS foundations: 100%
  • Wire installation: 100%
  • Maintenance facility: 100%
  • Water/sewage replacement: 100%
  • Intersection corners: 100%
  • Streetcar stops: 100%
  • Stops completed: 16

Official Website

Recent look at Delaware St in River Market, which just had tracks completed. Parking flipped to the opposite side of the street and is now back-in only. Still some water and sidewalk repair work happening.

Pictures of road diet striping that’s taken place along Main St in the Crossroads the past couple days.

Crossroads track construction is now complete, overall track progress stands at 59%:

Party at the Platform’ taking place this Friday (4/24/15) to celebrate the first streetcar platform being constructed.

Couple recent pictures of the platform between 16th & 17th on Main St:

I think a good place to expand the streetcar (even though it’s awhile a way) is on stateline.It could go into the startup village and then turn a head straight to the plaza onto the east side of Kansas City

KCSV isn’t much of a draw outside of a select few people, couldn’t be warranted. Stateline Rd is also only two-lanes and runs mainly through residential areas. Commercial/office and mixed-use are where streetcars work best.

Only one block left to be dug up Downtown. About four more block need rail put in. Pictures from last night.

Digging up the last southbound block in Downtown.

Second platform concrete being poured, Northbound at 16th. A new traffic signal will soon sit at 16th & Main.

First completed platform, Southbound at 16th.

Streetcar Authority and media toured the Singleton Yard Maintenance Facility today.

New update on the construction totals:

First cantilevers going in.

Overhead masts and wires going up in the Crossroads. Plus, northbound stops going in at 16th and 19th.

What is the talk about the streetcar and umkc?

Believe advocates are just trying to make it known that it’s the next goal for expansion. Additionally, noting it will take five years, once the ballot measure passes, for it to be operating.

OCS wires going in tomorrow!!!

Anyone know how the vehicles are coming along?

From today: “cars could start running in a little more than three months.”

OCS wires going in on the southbound lane in the Crossroads.