Downtown Ballpark

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I was still in Iowa when the K was renovated, so I’m unfamiliar with the various options that were presented in the mid-00s. I am curious if anyone can explain why Kauffman was renovated instead of this new ballpark being built. I know that baseball is the only thing that has kept Downtown St Louis afloat, so I can only imagine what a ballpark in Downtown would have created in Kansas City. Also, curious to hear if people think the Royals will still wind up downtown in the next 20-30 years once the K ages again.

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I think they will remain at Kauffman for awhile, but I think it’s possible to see some planning in about 30 years.

i would be curious to see a riverfront stadium for one of the teams(would’ve been ideal for sporting). theres plenty of riverfront that meets downtown

i would like to also throw into the mix an idea i had regarding kauffman stadium. if we did take a ball park downtown i would say lets strip kauffman stadium of all but the concrete, the chairs the big screen the fountains and lighting, and move it to its new home downtown. there are plenty of ideas for where and what a ballpark should look like but not many that consider what to do with kauffman, so I’m thinking why not turn it into a sweet outdoor performance venue? with american royal headed there now, i can imagine having artists or performers up on a stage where the fountains are now, think about the jonas brothers concert in arrowhead. with standing room on what is now the field and expanding the stadium seating back to its original number, we could be talking capacity near 50,000. plus the room along the outfield for pyro or a big screen or performer tailored effect.

A lot of that would depend on whether the Chiefs remain at Arrowhead. The complex would probably no longer be economically viable at that location without the Chiefs, compared to other highway-oriented uses that could take place at the junction of two heavily traveled interstates.

I do always love a good adaptive reuse project though. Kauffman is definitely a unique structure, but the 1970s aren’t exactly considered a pinnacle of architecture either.

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South Crossroads. On the westernize side has enough room for a stadium.

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