Downtown Ballpark anyone? everyone?

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I can only think of 2, maybe 3 cities that still dont offer urban parks. Not much fun to drive to a park, scatter afterward and not have a cohesive ballpark community. And Since Jackson County owns both locations and only one increases the tax revenue, it seems like a duh. Plus redevelopment revenue/amenities. Plus transit savings - which BTW, it had better be on a streetcar stop.

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Living downtown, I’d love this. I had heard one thought that if they end up demoting the I-35 corridor that there would be enough property to sit a ballpark in between River Market and downtown. That would be a great location in my opinion. No matter what, I think they need to start thinking about this as we have like 13 years left until the teams are going to demand upgrades after the end of their agreements.

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Attending today the spectacle that is the opening day for the urban Coors field in lodo was unbeleivably vibrant with tailgating in every parking lot, street vendors, food trucks, bystanders, streets closed for all out partying and i’ll bet 2/3 of these people are just here for the spectacle, not for the game - our team sucks of course. WHAT AN ECONOMIC DRIVER FOR DOWNTOWN MERCHANTS and the county sales tax revenue! hint hint Jackson county.