Dockless Scooters

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Having seen/used them in action + observed their impact on a city (DC) – I’m a strong believer that :kick_scooter: dockless scooters :kick_scooter: will be a massive catalyst for non-car mobility, in cities like Kansas City. The scooters are very low-friction for use, and they are already highly-coveted, in all waking hours, in cities they’ve rolled out to.

While dockless scooters don’t cover every mobility use case, throw on a backpack and they’ll work for the vast majority of 1-5 mi movements within cities – conquering hills impressively.

It would be great to see KCMO get ahead of this trend and issue an RFP for a dockless scooters pilot within the downtown area (~River to 31st, State Line to Prospect).

There’s so much to learn about scooters (+ all dockless offerings) and their impact on our cities – and I predict we will quickly discover they are in need of/worthy of vastly more on-street infrastructure (bike lanes/mobility lanes) than currently exists or is even planned.

Note: Dockless offerings have already shown to significantly improve the diversity & accessibility of cycling within cities.

Current companies offering dockless scooters:
Lyft (rumored)

I’m curious, how do the dockless scooter companies typically deploy their fleets in the cities they select? Do they work with the cities? Do they just show up and start operating without asking for permission?

I find the dockless scooter trend intriguing given that it doesn’t depend on a significant investment in infrastructure like the B-Cycle model.

Would love to see any additional info or literature you’ve come across on the subject, @bobspecht!

Looks like Lime is headed to town! KCMO is said to be aware of this, but it’s unknown how much coordination has/will take place.

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Another confirmation for Bird coming to town – rumors of another in the dockless space.

Uber getting in on scooter action. Big for getting new customers on scooters fast.

Bird has landed – exciting! :kick_scooter:

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