Crown Center Development Plan

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Here is the website that gives the most info I can find:

brb. gonna whip up a 3d model

This would be great for easing the housing demand in the core. With the streetcar eventually going through here (not just ending here, I think positively), it’s a great way to expand options for urban living outside of the loop/Crossroads. Also, seems to take the original concept for Crown Center and pushes it into a 21st century model.

i can’t do much without building heights or more solid info but the layout is based on the overhead view and the relative heights are based on the buildings already in crown center that you can see in the renderings

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It would be great to have the streetcar go threw there if this project happens

Seeing Crown Center build on their lots would add a lot to the vibrancy of the area and build on the success of the Union Hill neighborhood. You would think Crown Center would also see an opportunity to also supply their shops with everyday customers? Hopefully they revisit this plan

Im assuming they are revisiting it with all of the momentum going on in downtown

I love this long-term vision for what could be, but we all know how successful these types of large-scale developments typically are. What do you think is the smallest-scale thing a developer could build that would prove the viability of developing all this land? What about something in the “Missing Middle”? Could we honor KC’s past with a few modernized versions of our Colonnaded Walk-up Apartments?

Drawing of Washington Square Park development concept:


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Hallmark starting to market the parcel closest to Main St for outside developers.