CP Lofts Phase 1 | Columbus Park | Residential (108 units)

Location: 401 Charlotte St, Kansas City, MO 64106

Website: http://cplofts.com/

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Hadn’t seen this until walking by tonight, a master plan.

Foundations being put in for the first buildings, starting to come out of the ground. Looks to be the BizTech Center (at 3rd & Charlotte) and the apartments/townhomes (along 4th, between Holmes & Charlotte), if I had to guess.

Significant road and sidewalk work was done prior to the start of construction. Includes a significant number of bumpouts, which likely will be used for street parking.

I had noticed that Fourth was choked down to one lane at Cherry. I’m not thrilled about that and I don’t know if it happened elsewhere. I feel like this area will be a case study in the trade-offs bump outs offer for pedestrians versus their detractions for bike riders.

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Couple more of things going vertical.

Updated plans for the area:

Was driving south along the HOA bridge and saw these under construction. They’ve come along quite a bit… Anyone have the expected completion date?

Phase one opening soon. Not. :clap: Enough. :clap: Density. :clap:

“Expected to lease up fast, the one- and two-bedroom apartments range from 666 to 922 square feet, with prices starting at $550 a month for those making no more than 60 percent of the average household income.”

Columbus Park lofts feature space, rents that starving artists should love

Photo from Saturday.

With Phase 1 wrapping up, on to Phase 2 it appears.

Abatement, land sale keep Columbus Park redevelopment rolling