Copaken + Brooks Broadway redevelopment

The latest info and renderings on the proposal.

I’ve seen push-back from Westside residents on Twitter on this plan because of two building on the south end of that property. The one is a nice building, and perhaps can be worked in to C+B’s plans, but I can’t see the benefit of stopping student housing near the Conservatory just for those.

I can’t tell were that city target was

Any idea when construction should start

this is not a confirmation of the project

Sorry I didn’t see the word proposal

Anything new on this?

Not that I’ve heard. Seems to still be in the concept phase.

something interesting for you engineering and development buffs, click “unbuilt” and see that kc has time after time missed skyscrapers that would have completely altered the look and feel of the city

Looking at how some of the 70s-80s towers interact with the street, I would say that it might not be a bad thing that many of these weren’t built. We were left with at least a few more historical buildings that complement the built environment much better.

More upsetting is seeing how many buildings were needlessly torn down for parking.

Interesting, nonetheless.