Cerner Trails Campus

Groundbreaking: November 12, 2014
Estimated completion (Phase 1 - two buildings): Late 2016

Total buildings: 16
Total size: 4.7 million sq ft

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Phase one is beginning to go vertical. Noticed cranes on drive down 71 this weekend.

Trails Campus goes vertical on buildings for 3,500 Cerner employees

"The first two office buildings at Cerner Corp.’s $4.45 billion Trails Campus are going vertical and, despite recent rain delays, remain slated for completion by the end of 2016.

The buildings will accommodate more than 3,500 employees, which is slightly more than 20 percent of the campus capacity of 16,000. The employees are scheduled to start moving in early in 2017…"

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It says there is a rail stop, I wonder what kind of rail system it will be.

Is the rail stop real?

Thought it was contingent upon the Jackson County commuter rail being completed. Mike Sanders has been pushing the idea for some time, not sure where it stands today.

Phase I & II done, phase III & IV underway.

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Hampton Inn planned for development to south of campus.