Capping I-670

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Whats going on here? all this development around the south loop, its time to really consider topping that thing…

even if we did it one section at a time, think of the difference we could make

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Getting more and more promotion with Two Light and the new Convention Hyatt happening on opposite side of Truman.

Section by section approach would be interesting. What to do with the land?

its definitely a park. people are jonesing for a bit of greenland downtown. piece by piece would be easier to pass through the council and maybe even voters but the more i think about it, two light is at one end while convention hotel is at the other. both of them going up at the same time means in order to cap the appropriate sections we would have a couple holes in the middle. not to mention, i think the pdf lays this out at like a 5 year project.

All that land as a park seems a bit much. Would like to see a few smaller ones, coupled with development.

Will be able to jump on Streetcar and get to Liberty or Riverfront in minutes, if you need more green space.

well, i guess i should say park/event area. I’m not entirely sure that the cap can bear the weight of any additional structures and i wouldn’t chance it. the plan for it shows a gorgeous view of the concenter at the end of a grassy parkway. sort of encased by midrise buildings. obviously you’d want to give it all the transit friendly amenities.

Read Troy Schulte today say the cost of decking the south loop would cost around $30 million per block. Sounds like its on the back burner for now, but I would think with the right return on investment the city would pursue this project. Even small scale green space could be more attractive to developers and residents alike who are interested in investing in this quadrant of downtown.

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denny’s conservatory of pancakes

Need as many places to put Iowa State fans as possible come March. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness though, open space, even a lot of it, would be better than useless space above a freeway.

Found a cool rendering

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Who made that rendering? Very cool. I like how the design creates multiple, unique spaces out of one big public space.

Found on the kcmo website its pretty old I think from the Funkhouser years

I cant tell but it looks like they have a renderimg of The convention hotel im there

Definitely has something of the sort. Maybe that land had been planned for longer than previously thought.

The City payed for a whole engineering report. Many options were discussed, some options would have allowed for buildings over the highway I do believe .

If they wanted to build a building on the cap they could.

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With the DOT set to build a new Grand Blvd. bridge, would that affect any potential plans for capping I-670. Could be unrelated, but not sure if capping involves building a new structure and replacing the bridges, or building structures in the gaps that butt up against the bridges?

New Grand bridge was implemented (w/ bike lane).

Looks like private financing might be lining up to make this happen.

Slow moving project so far.