BNIM HQ | Crossroads | Office

BNIM will renovate 1640 Baltimore (pending incentives), across the street from their current HQ in the TWA building. They’ll occupy the top two of three floors, with completion planned for 2017.

BNIM will move HQ to renovated Crossroads building if incentives are approved

Anything else you can add, @JoshBoehm?

is this still on the table? i heard the decided to stay

Know Barkley just signed a new lease in the TWA building. Haven’t heard anything contradictory to BNIM doing this, though.

oh thats right

KC Biz Journal Not everyone’s happy with BNIM HQ project TIF

KC Biz Journal
Small TIF for BNIM sparks big incentive debate

The simple question a Kansas City council committee faced Wednesday was whether to recommend approval of incentives for a three-story Crossroads Arts District building slated to become architecture firm BNIM’s new headquarters. That’s all.

But during more than three hours of testimony before the Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee, a larger question emerged: Is it time to stop diverting revenue from schools and other tax-supported jurisdictions to aid development in already established real estate markets?

In the end, the committee voted 5-0 to recommend approval of tax increment financing for developer and philanthropist Shirley Helzberg’s $13.2 million plan to redevelop the vacant 42,910-square-foot warehouse building that has stood at 1640 Baltimore Ave. since the 1930s.

Petitioners against this project raised enough signatures. Same with Convention Hotel, not a decision they are allowed to petition. Interesting note: KC Public Schools spends more per student than Shawnee Mission School District.