Attracting more food trucks

Where are the best places for trucks to park currently? Would it be ideal to have a block dedicated to them somewhere?

Seems like you find a number scattered through Crossroads, and a couple right around Power & Light. Is the density there to support a mass quantity somewhere.

Would be interesting to see an area incorporated into BAP (Barney Allis Plaza) plans, especially for convention events.

i would think armour blvd would be a good place to experiment bringing food trucks, en masse, to.

Thinking along the residential portion of Armour, east of Main St? Could be good for evening operations.

Vibrant food truck districts I’ve been to have largely been in traditionally office-oriented areas, high walkability.

yep. that’s where I was thinking. i agree that the best areas for food trucks are typically dense office areas or special occasion areas. i work near hospital hill and am pleased with the turnout of both food trucks and patrons. similarly happy during first weekends in the bottoms. when i worked in the government district off of 13th street, i enjoyed the random few days when food trucks would station outside the Inter-State Building. would always remind me how a decent lunch-oriented restaurant might do well in that spot.

my thoughts for Armour Blvd was based off of pure experimentation. good for evenings as it’s a fairly populated residential area. Armour is also a really wide street with street traffic that never, anecdotally (via walking) seems to be that bad. it’s also, as far as food/retail options go, kind of a desert, with martini corner being the nearest area for better-than-burger-king eats. all of this, i’m sure you know. my other thought was…not excellent delivery options in the city. if i were running a food truck i might think about how i could do hospital hill for lunch, armour for dinner, and westport/crossroads/pnl for late night. but i don’t operate a food truck, and there is probably a good reason for that!

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