Ashland | River Market | Residential (93 units)

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Location: 100 E 3rd St, Kansas City, MO 64016
Developer: KC Commercial Realty Group
Architect: NSPJ Architects
Construct: Barsto Construction
Investment: TBD
Groundbreaking (planned): TBD
Completion (planned): TBD

Type: Residential
Size: 93 apartments
Pricing: Market/Luxury
Additional Uses: TBD

Construction: New
Height: 7 stories
Space: TBD

Parking: TBD
Transit: KC Streetcar (same block), Main St MAX (1 block)


The building is fine, I guess, nothing special (not against it)…just hope they have the foresight to add retail on the ground floor. Anything that doesn’t is a project I wouldn’t personally support as a resident of this neighborhood.

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i thought that space was intended for use by the city project across the street. third and grand? whats the deal with that anyway

I agree with the building. We do need more retail, no more restaurants/bars. And it’d be lovely if they had in their plans underground parking for their own residents/guests since all the parking spots are being taken by new construction.

I suspect it will have one large retail space (3500ish sq ft) on street level at the SE corner as well as 2 levels of underground parking with about 4 to 5 dozen spots on each

Through Council, no incentives.

NSPJ filed for a permit but never paid up.

Lots of permits have been filed. Demo should happen in not too long

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