A new entertainment district?

Think about a light up area were a ton of small parking spaces are now, as an area with class a office space, shops, hotels, underground parking, and restraunts.Or even create an international district with food from all over the globe, and shops we could even create a Paris feel with all of the boulvards!

Bit confused. Would this be on the KS or MO side? Is there a need for a new district? Something like this would take a very large investment; hard to build districts just to build them.

MIssouri, and I was thinking something like Southwest Boulvard, but into more shops and fill in some of those parking spaces f’ind small businesses

I wouldn’t be a proponent of this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a development similar to West Glen Town Center in West Des Moines would be duplicated in Johnson County as a mixed use Live/Work/Play area with quite a few bars and clubs.

Yeah, wouldn’t say there’s strong need for another district on the Missouri side currently. Could see JoCo wanting to keep more of the young professional night life $$$ on their side.

Maybe something in the new 95th & Metcalf development, would fit even better into this counterproposal.

That location would be my first thought. Could be a catalyst for smart urban development in Overland Park and Johnson County, or at least along that corridor.

Who cares about Johnson County? We need to continue to make our urban core the prime destination, like most major cities. Suburbs are so 1950’s, this is a new era, lets build on it!

I agree with you, Dave. I’m 100% on team Downtown (for any city, actually)… We’re just acknowledging that there are still a lot of political forces in Johnson County who we could see embarking on this type of entertainment district down that direction.

Yeah sorry for the outburst Travis, but im just so passionate about Kansas City actually living up to its potential on not being a nice city but a GREAT city…to ascend to the next level like a Denver, Charlotte, Minneapolis etc…we have that capability, but the Kansas Side continues to hinder our efforts over here in the Missouri side, specifically downtown

I definitely agree. Having worked in planning and with developers, I understand that their financing and their goals are never in line with the greater good of a metropolitan area, or have long-term viability in mind. Its unfortunate, but short term profits are far too often the primary goal in development.

they need some kind of effort to bring a lot of bars and restaurants to an area like the garment district where they could utilize old buildings and exist in the urban core. it would bring people to a different part of downtown, be along the streetcar route, and maybe you wouldn’t be paying outrageous sales taxes like you would a few blocks south. not to mention theres plenty of parking.

Garment District in KC could resemble Washington Ave in St Louis. Very cool area.

Plenty of ‘For Lease’ signs in Garment District currently. Could also see something like that working down in West Bottoms, if we can have a significant attraction down there.

i thought the same thing. it would work well with the new lofts “going up” down there. imagine if we could find a tennant for kemper. even if it was a series of second rate live music performances, that whole area would be like a big old p&l. apartments, performance arena, restaurants and bars.

this might need its own thread, but whats the deal with the buildings along 9th? i think its 9th, maybe 8th. theres the building across from 1006 grand thats completely dark at night and the nearby buildings at the corner of grand and 8th. i thought apartments were at a premium?

Why not connect Crossroads an 18th and vine?